R25 Wound Photo Scales

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200 per bag 
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The KISS System wound ruler is an effective tool for recording linear wounds. The color-coded, adhesive backing conforms to the curvatures of the body and helps medical professionals determine the size of a wound through the color-coded bars. With the KISS System, our perforated rulers eliminate the need for multiple staffing, and simplifies the medical recording process.


Size: 6x26.7cm  

Each Ruler is 25 cm long.  The color coded bars are each 5 cm longer than the one adjacent to it.

Comes with note label, alignment stick figure and body location tabs. Two blank tabs are provided so you can write your own body locations.  

Each order comes with an inservice flyer, permanent marker and 16 extra note labels.  

Adhesive is latex free and skin friendly.  

They are single use and are should be disposed of after use.

The CR code on the sheet links to an inservice video.


The color-coded bars make it easier to determine the size of the wound in the photograph.

The ruler and scales are in the same plane as the wound. The bars help to highlight the contours of the body. Take a quality photograph without juggling the camera and the scale. If the camera is slightly out of focus and the numbers are not visible in the picture, the color-coded bars are still visible scaling the wound.