ER100 Wound Photo Scales

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100 Sheet Bundle
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The KISS System rings include 4 linear scales, an area scale, a perimeter scale and a note label. The 360-degree color-coded scaling system conforms to the curvatures of the body and helps address problems concerning camera positioning by keeping the wound standardized in every photo. 


Size: 18.7x23.2cm  

Each sheet comes with 10, 25, 50 and 100 sq. cm. rings.  Each ring has 4 linear scales to support length and width of the wound in the photograph.

Comes with note label, alignment stick figure and body location tabs. Two blank tabs are provided so you can write your own body locations.  

Each order comes with an inservice flyer, permanent marker and 16 extra note labels. 

Adhesive is latex free and skin friendly.  

They are single use and are should be disposed of after use.

On the edge of the sheet a centimeter ruler is provided to measure the wound.  A color-coded scale of the ring's inner diameter is provided to assist with ring selection.  

The CR code on the sheet links to an inservice video.


6 Scales in one product (4 linear scales, area scale, and perimeter scale)

360 scaling helps address the problem of camera positioning. It keeps the wound in perspective so you see what the wound looks like at the time of the assessment. Rulers and L-rulers do not address the curvature of the body. They are insufficient.

Ring adheres to body's curvatures

Color-Codes of Size

If the photo is slightly out of focus, you can still see the color code.
The photo is not a total liability.

The KISS Rings allow the photographer to take a quality picture rather than juggling the scale and the camera at the same time. As the numbers becomes more difficult to read, given distance from camera, you can still see the color of the rings.The area is still scaled.